Australian Made Certification

Gunners Blend

We are proud to be Certified Australian made and owned to bring you only the finest beard, hair and skin products handcrafted for you.

Listed on our certificate is our product range that is legally allowed to carry the Australian made logo.

We have gone through a review and approval process with each of our products across our range to give you confidence that our products are made right here in Australia by us and are not made and imported from overseas.

If you are ever unsure of a product that claim's to be Australian made jump onto and search for the product.

We do offer Apparel that unfortunately we cannot claim as Australian made however we make sure that we purchase 100% from a local Australian company and continue to design from our heart.


Gunners Blend Australian Made and Owned Beard, Hair and Skin Products
Gunners Blend Beard Hair And Skin - Australian Made and Owned Certificate