Gunners Blend Beard Combs


Just like our premium beard, hair and skin products our beard combs are completely handmade by us from a slab of timber down to the final sealing.

We have meticulously selected only a quality Tasmanian Oak hardwood timber that is PEFC approved and to an Australian standard for sustainable forest management.

The process to manufacture our combs is a long process that takes on average of 90 mins per comb. We begin all combs with cutting in the teeth and then to its basic shape, the next "dusty" phase is sanding into shape involving a further 14 separate steps, to looking more like a beard comb. We then complete a full scale finishing hand sand ready to have our logo laser engraved and then sealed in an all natural oil to preserve the timber.

Sounds crazy to offer a comb that takes so much time to make, however it is not our vision to buy in cheap imports and incorrectly classify them as either natural and or handmade. No doubt there handmade overseas but most definitely not by a Bearded Aussie as myself.

Our beard comb has been approved and added to our certification as an Australian Made product.